Educational Seminars

Institute of Engineers Ireland Approved CPD Educational Seminars

EJ Ireland & Tarstone have come together to offer solutions for the Roads and Transport sector


Tarstone and EJ Ireland are continuing to combine their product offerings and accredited services to offer you a complete solution to address your infrastructure and road maintenance needs in 2023/24.


What departments might find this beneficial?

We would like to invite you to our seminar targeted at staff within the areas of Traffic, Transport, Active Travel, Water & Drainage, Roads (infrastructure and maintenance), Road cleansing, and Road projects.


What’s the objective?

The aim is to educate Local Authorities, Transport Agencies and Consultant Engineers on conformance to standards related to road furniture, correct product selection, installation materials, and introduce you to new, more sustainable and/or more effective, durable product innovations.


Where or how delivered?

The proposed seminar can take place at convenient locations, or via zoom/video-link (but we’d really prefer to meet you in person).  A Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday slot from 11 am to 1pm would be great (you choose), anytime from now until mid-December (or after Christmas to around Easter), and we’ll provide a light lunch after. Whenever you’re less busy – we’ll work around you.


What will be covered?

  • TII specification on implementation of CC-SPW-04013 Mastic Asphalt in National Roads
  • Road Mastic Ironwork Reinstatement System
  • Jointing in Roads Best Practice & the TII specification on Crack Sealing & Joint Repair AM PAV -06059
  • Imprinted Asphalt for shared areas & cycle lanes
  • Tarstone’s Sustainable Thermal Solution for minor surfacing repairs
  • Main uses of the new infra-riser & new temporary safety cover
  • The Tarstone/EJ branding of manhole covers to help the client identity the network and installer in the event of any future issues
  • Ironworks and installation issues
  • The readjustment of trapped gully grates with an overlay frame after resurfacing
  • The EJ/Tarstone D400 NOROC & MAESTRO 2020 access covers and new sustainable STRETO composite cover
  • Innovative manhole excavation equipment
  • Guidance on conformance to revised standard EN 124:2015-2
  • Specifications and Product selection
  • Chamber Asset Management system


Who should attend?


Directors of Services – Roads, Water & Transport

Area Engineers, Area Supervisors

Senior and Senior Executive Engineers (Roads, Water, Planning, Housing and Environment)

Health & Safety Officers, Store Managers


How long?


We expect to be 1.5 – 2 hours (Presentation, followed by Q&A session and demo’s/videos).


If you have any questions, or you think some of your colleagues would like to attend, please do not hesitate to make contact. Or let us know if you’re interested, but not quite now and we’ll look to schedule something when it suits you during the year.


Contact Sue Eakin in the first instance: ; M: 087 207 0261