“Any business practice that is economically viable is also socially responsible and environmental friendly. “

By providing environmental and sustainable practices, Tarstone Road Maintenance Limited as a company aim to meet our needs without comprising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Tarstone Road Maintenance as a company believe in sustainability.

We have developed a recycling facility which allows us to store and recycle construction arisings from road construction and maintenance projects.

Asphalt planings and other suitable construction materials are brought to our recycling facility, stored and recycled prior to use as raw material in the manufacture of road construction materials.

Concrete and other materials including soil and stone are also returned to this facility and stored for recycling or offsite disposal.


Onsite Sustainability Practices:

• Recycling

Tarstone Road Maintenance offers a road recycling unit available to all local authorities in Ireland. This system utilises a tried and trusted environmentally-friendly way of rehabilitating distressed road surfaces. This system allows Tarstone to use the existing road aggregate, reducing the need to bring in imported material. From an economic stance our service should see a substantial cost reduction over traditional methods for our clients.


Offsite Sustainability Practices:

• Traffic management
• Using local materials
• Training staff how to identify and address any environmental issues that may be encountered while at work
• Decreasing of fossil fuel energy consumption by non-road construction equipment
• Dust, waste and noise control
• Road markings
– Reflectivity at night
– Highly visible

• Recycling of paper
• Empowerment of employees
• Energy efficiency (use of lights and electronic equipment)
• Water conservation




• Reduced emissions and other air pollutants
• Reduced water usage
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced construction and operational impact on the environment
• Creating low impact development
• Creating safer and more integrated roadways
• Promotion of sustainable transport
• Enhanced community awareness of sustainability
• Enhanced community involvement
• Promotion of innovative solutions

= Assisting the circular economy & decarbonising the asphalt repair industry