Tarstone Road Maintenance Limited provides a nationwide comprehensive Crack & Joint repair service.

These joints are usually caused by the degradation of the cold joint formed during application of the surface course.


The Problem:

Often seen in older HRA surfaces with comparatively large chipping size or newer “thin surfacing” laid during exceptionally cold weather.

Once the joint has opened, allowing water to penetrate the surface course (and below) only a few winter’s freeze-thaw cycles can cause structural damage.

Once the crack opens significantly local authorities expose themselves to liability issues around ride quality, especially regarding motorbike and cyclist safety, etc.

Overbanding, traditionally done using paving grade bitumen is no longer in use, due to material limitations, causing many defects of untreated road joints.


The Solutions:

Overband Joint Repairs:

• Fast to install
• Seals & prevents water ingress
• Low cost

Fill & over band joint repairs:

– Seals & prevents water ingress
• Reinstate surface profile
• Provide long term Skid Resistance Value (SRV)
• Avoid rutting
• Support the broken edge.

Inlaid single or multiple crack repair:
• Flush road surface finish
• Greater body of repair
• Often in concrete road repairs
• Repairs pitted, spalling or broken surfaces.