Client – Dublin City Council

Description – Dublin City Council / IW recently identified issues with existing ductile iron covers which were in-situ at Pelletstown Wastewater Pump Station, Dublin City.  Although the covers were of good quality and were effectively achieving their stated performance, the covers were considered outdated in terms of user-friendliness and health & safety requirements. Therefore, DCC/IW decided to replace these covers with high quality, mild steel fabricated, flush fit, covers.

EJ Ireland produced the following covers for installation at this site:

1 no 1200 x 600mm clear opening

2 no 600 x 600mm clear opening .

These covers achieved the required loading (125 KN), offered torsion spring-assisted opening (to enable easy opening ) and safety grids (for on site safety).

This completed another project where EJ & Tarstone have enabled our clients (DCC / IW ) to bring their access covers up to the current regulations in terms of best practice operation and safety regulations .