Cobblelock Design

Client: Cork CC

Description: Imprint paving and surface surrounds

Completed: April 2023

Gallery highlights of another great paving project recently completed using imprinted cobblelock design at the Old Mill (library) in Kinsale.

This dark cobblelock design was chosen for it’s more traditional and sympathetic appearance, in fitting with the historic setting (a variety of colours and designs are available including herringbone print, soldier course, straight brick and individual designs).

Imprinted surfacing gives a decorative, brick/block paved effect on trafficked areas without the usual associated maintenance problems experienced by block paving. It is a unique installation process that produces a realistic looking brick/block design effect directly onto a bituminous surface.

The cost advantages over alternatives such as brick, stone or stamped concrete are significant. Quick installation, durability, easy maintenance, and design flexibility make it the product of choice for many projects.

This product is designed to provide a superior surfacing solution and can be provided in a variety of colours (red and black being most popular).